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Sainti - Indo-Persian Parrying Weapon - 18th - 19th Century
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Sainti Indo Persian Parrying Weapon
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The Sainti is both a defensive weapon and an offensive weapon and was often used in the manor of the Main Gauche, as an off-hand shield/weapon. This Sainti is in a style that was originally native to India and Persia. A variation of this particular weapon has curved dagger-type blades at either end, as well as the straight blade at the center of the hand guard. This piece is all steel and, as was common, the grip is wrapped with red silk. This piece also has an inlay silver design on one side of the blade that would show well with cleaning but I, personally, do not wish to disturb the patina and will leave that choice to the next owner.

This Sainti measures 15 1/4" wide (handle end to handle end) by approximately 9 3/4" from blade tip to back edge of the grip. The maximum diameter of the steel 'balls' is 1 3/8" and the piece is in very good condition, showing no indication of repairs or cracks in the steel. The edges of the blade have small areas of very slight roughness and both sides of the blade show some oxidation, some light pitting and areas of rubbing. The silk wrapping shows wear, small tears and soiling. This is an uncommon piece that would be a welcome addition to any edged weapon collection ...
... Sold