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Rare British Ministry of Munitions of War Aircraft Engine Data Book
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Rare British Ministry of Munitions of War Aircraft Engine Data Book
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This is a very rare and unique 306 page loose-leaf book issued by the Ministry of Munitions of War to some few officers and staff of the Technical Department of Aircraft Production, as a reference book giving the particulars of all principle aircraft engines, World War I to 1928. It is mentioned that the book was to be returned to the appropriate section every two months for updating.

Contained in the book are photographs of drawings and engine schematics for the principle aircraft of the day. The airplanes referenced include the A.B.C. Gnat, Wasp and Dragonfly, the Anzani, Broadmore, Clerget, Cosmos, Curtis, Fiat, Galloway, Gnome, Hispano-Suiza, Le Rhone, Liberty, Napier Lion, R.A.F., Renault, Rolls-Royce, Siddeley, Sunbeam to name some. As well as the photographs of the airplane engines, there are charts on power curves and engine specifications, engine orientation, sectional arrangement and lubrication. In the back of the book is a section titled 'Formulae'. This section has horse power, fuel consumption and B.H.P. weight charts - both running and dry.

This particular book is No. 26, the last date recorded in it is 19 February 1928, and states that the engines are arranged alphabetically and should provide: Data Sheet, Power Curve, Photographs of engines, general arrangement Drawings, Installation Drawings. There are dividing tabbed pages for each engine and version of that particular engine. Some of the photographs contained in the book were produced in 1918 and have that date stamp on the back.

I have no idea how many book were originally prepared or how many may still exist. The only indication that I've found of another is a reference to one in the Surrey Historical Archive. This is great World War I memoribilia. ...... SOLD