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Hongxian Nian Zhi Chinese Porcelain Wine Cup
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This is a lovely Chinese porcelain wine cup with an incised floral pattern and unusual light purple glaze. There are polychrome enamel medallions of flowers, gilt around the top rim and the base is marked with an iron-red Hongxian nian zhi (made in the Hongxian period) reign mark. In 1912, Yuan Shikai succeeded Sun Yatsen, the first President of the new Chinese Republic. In 1916, he adopted the reign title Hongxian (Hung Hsein), attempted to form his own dynasty and failed, but this is said to have been one of the cups made for the celebration of his new dynasty. There has been controversy for years as to which of 4 different forms of the reign mark is the correct one for the period - if, indeed, any mark and period pieces were actually made during that turbulent and chaotic reign. This cup has one of those four marks. The cup measure just a hair over 3 inches high and has a larger diameter of 3 1/8 inches. The diameter of the base is 1 3/8 inches. The cup is in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks or repairs and there are some firing specks on the interior ...... SOLD