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Yokogi - Lacquered Wood Carp - Irori Friction Block
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Lacquered Japanese Yokogi
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This is a wonderful, old carved and lacquered wood Yokogi in the shape of a carp with the ball (pearl) in it's mouth. A yokogi is the friction block that was a part for the traditional fireplace or open hearth used for cooking. One could lower and raise the vessels above the charcoal and this would have been the block used to hold the desired position. The piece measures approximately 17 1/2" long, 10" high, 8" wide and the carp itself weighs just over 4 pounds. The triangular ring with its swivel and hook is attached to the rope by wire wrapped to hold the loop of the rope closed, rather than tied, and the same was done to attach it to the hook on the back of the fish. I'm sorry, but I don't know if the rope is original to the piece. The piece, though possibly older, quite likely dates from the Meiji era. The detail is excellent and the piece is in very, very good condition. There is some wear, minor rubbing and oxidation of the lacquer, but the wood has no cracks or splits and the ball is free-moving in the fish's mouth ...... SOLD