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Columbia Extruded Aluminum Chess Set
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Made in the early to mid 1990s, this is a VERY uniquely designed 32 piece extruded aluminum chess set, produced by the Columbia Aluminum Extrusion Group. Only 200-300 of these sets were created for promotional purposes and the sets were never available on the commercial market. This is not one of the occasionally seen Alcoa or Austin Enterprises extruded aluminum chess sets of the 1960s. This set consists of all 32 playing pieces, plus the original aluminum chess board with the makers logo in opposite corners. The King measures an impressive 5" tall with a 1 1/4" square base, the Queen is 4 3/4" tall, the Bishop is 4 3/8" tall, the Knight is 4" tall, the Rook is 3 5/8" tall and each Pawn measures 3 3/8" tall. The playing board measures approximately 15 7/8" square. The pieces are in quite good condition and, although there are occasional rubs and nicks on some pieces, there is nothing to seriously detract from the unique design and distinctive appearence. The board does show considerable wear. All of the pieces and the board have felt bottoms ... ... SOLD