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A. Yoshida Watercolor - Boat On A River In Autumn
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Yoshida - Boat And River In autumn
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This is a wonderfully vivid, yet soft original Japanese watercolor of 2 people in a boat traversing a river in the Autumn. There are a couple of buildings, one on either side of the river, and ample indication of the seasonal change. This beautiful watercolour was done by an artist by the name of A. Yoshida. I have no information on this person, but have established that the artist is not, nor is he/she any relation to, Hiroshi Yoshida. I have a number of works by this artist and, beyond a doubt, "he" is a master of the technique of watercolor painting. This painting measures, with margins, 19 3/4" wide by 13 3/8" high. There is little or no indication of fading of the colors, no toning or matline and no foxing but the painting is backed by a piece of thin cardboard material. When framed, this piece would be quite a centerpiece for any room and most decor ...... SOLD